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Communication accessories provide a user with various methods using connectors and lead to install their UHF antennas. This category offers a huge variety of options to address the needs of the most challenging equipment installations.

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UHF Accessories

We have one of the larger selection of CB Radios and accessories online. If it is not displayed on our online store, reach out to us via email.

We are operating diligently to add new merchandise to our website continually. We can commonly order elements for a modern model Cobra, Uniden, Midland, or Galaxy CB Radios, UHF Radio.

CB Radio features, Mounts and Brackets, outside audio system & PA speakers, 12 Volt energy supplies, Adapters & Connectors  Noise & other Filters, Headsets, Power Cords, Microphone Hangers, CB Microphone Accessories, LED mild Bars etc.

CB Aerials

27MHz Helical Flexible Mobile CB Antenna. All stainless steel & brass design (will not corrode) Computer designed & manufactured; Low SWR

Cb Radios

Our Brands Include: Aeropro, Powertech, Blackhawk