UHF Radio

UHF CB is a category-licensed citizen's band radio carrier accepted via the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, and Malaysia within the UHF 477 MHz band.[1] UHF CB affords 77 channels, inclusive of 32 channels (16 output, sixteen input) allocated to repeater stations. it is comparable in idea to 27 MHz CB Radio in the unit...

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CB Antennas

Amateur radio users must be licensed and have a sound knowledge of the operating procedures as outlined by the ACMA.

Antenna designs are similar to commercial two-way radio, the most legal output electricity is five Watts. Vehicle external antennas are approved and commercially manufactured. Some antennas have gains in excess of 12 dB. Handheld transceivers (walkie talkies) are permitted and have transmitted electricity from 500 mW to five W and are surprisingly cheap in comparison to full-sized transceivers.

GME Antennas

It is unlawful to use unauthorised radios from some overseas places due to the fact they intervene with licensed land-mobile phone reception. This includes overseas private radio gadgets due to the fact they do not share the same bandwidth signal output and channels as UHF/CB that we have in Australia. Care must be taken while transmitting on radios from remote places to ensure they comply with neighbourhood rules. Authorised radios are diagnosed via an Australian requirements C Tick commonly found at the tag or decal of the radio.



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