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Using an antenna in terrible reception regions to make your mobile internet or mobile broadband work is a good concept. But will using an antenna in a place wherein you have already got reception make a substantial distinction for your net speeds if you've already were given fair reception?
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I took the Sierra wireless Hotspot that Telstra sells because of the last 4G wireless up to the Kickstart Media conference on the Sunshine coast currently.

It is an area that, according to Telstra's coverage maps, should be covered in fast, comforting 4G coverage, but as we've seen typically before.

Additionally, I was going to be in conference rooms full of IT journalists, and there is no finer force in the galaxy for bringing a cell data network to its trembling knees. As such, I additionally packed a MIMO antenna (disclaimer: Sierra wi-fi supplied it to me for the purposes of assessment) into my bag. it is no longer the smallest of creatures, but I was curious to peer whether or not it is able to make a distinction to the overall net connection.

I ran 3 units of assessments in total using the Speedtest. Internet jogging on a related Macbook Air. every test was run 3 instances in brief succession and averaged with as rapid a switchover to the antenna as viable to ensure that figures had been as near as changed into practical.

the first check changed into deliberately brutal, performed interior a convention room throughout bad weather with heavy set doors, due to the fact 1800Mhz signals do not transfer thru homes all that properly. The hotspot never managed something but a 3G sign, even with the antenna attached.

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