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HD digital set top box to a conventional TV via one of its many connection options to enjoy crystal clear digital TV—also conveniently records live TV directly to a flash drive, or external hard drive, and plays back many popular media formats!

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What is a set top box?

Typically, almost all modern TVs currently can access many of Australia’s free-to-air digital TV broadcasts; however, only digital set top boxes let you pause or rewind in between shows.

Using the HDMI port, the set top box connects to your TV, and you will be able to watch hundreds of channels using the digital aerial or satellite dish. But some come with internal storage for recording programs.

On top of that, some set top boxes allow you to access shows directly from popular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video because they can connect to the internet and send a live feed to your TV.

Settop boxes are pivotal when you have an older TV that isn’t compatible with digital TV services.

Freeview Vs. Freesat: which is better?

Based on your preference, set top boxes to come in two options: while Freesat boxes are coupled with a satellite dish, Freeview boxes only need an aerial antenna.


Freeview has a comprehensive catalogue of channels – more than 70 standard definitions (SD) channels, 15 high definitions (HD) channels, and 30+ radio channels, depending on your current location. And if you already have an aerial, this is an affordable option.

Freeview set top boxes to come in two varieties. Freeview Play boxes have catch-up services such as ITV Player, and iPlayer stitched into the program guide, so you can play a show that has already aired, even though you didn’t record it, apart from having streaming apps.

Freeview+ set-top boxes are the more affordable variety, but they don’t have catch-up services or the ability to scroll back through the program guide.


Freesat is almost similar to Freeview but has more HD, music, and niche channels. It’s ideal for areas that don’t get good coverage reception from digital aerial. And if your home already has a satellite dish, this is the cheaper option to connect to your TV.

That’s not all. Most Freesat set top boxes let you move back and forth across the program guide and use catch-up services to watch TV shows you missed.

Features to look for

HD or SD: Not all set top boxes can receive HD channels, but most do. This means that some only output SD quality.

Hard drive: Storage is something to consider if you’ll want to record TV shows. Ideally, 500GB to 1TB of storage space is required. On average, a 500GB hard drive can record about 300 hours of SD shows or 125 hours of HD shows.

Set top Box Netflix

Online streaming services: If you have a stable internet connection, you will use most set top boxes to stream online TV. However, these services are depended on your jurisdiction – some are limited to Australia’s catch-up services, but others have subscription-based apps like Netflix.

Internet connection: Check whether your set top box has an ethernet port for connecting to the router’s ethernet cable. If the router is in the same room, you don’t have to run cables all over the house. On the other hand, there are premium set top boxes that directly connect to Wi-Fi and don’t need to be wired to the router.

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