Internet Radio, and How it Works

Nowadays, content marketing is king, keeping brands one step ahead of the competition.  If you ask, most brands will say content means eBooks, blogs, and infographics. But, there's untapped potential elsewhere: online radio.

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Online Radio

What is online radio? How does it work?

This post will answer these and more!

What is online radio?

Online radio is either a live microphone broadcast streamed live on the internet or a prerecorded MP3 file sequence. With online radio, content is aired globally, and you are not limited to conventional frequency radio rules. It's a simple push-to-play, anywhere-anytime.

The building blocks of online radio are;

  1. The radio's voice – which is you and any other sound clips you add from CDs, tapes, and so on.
  2. The server – such as Shoutcast through They manipulate all audio data into formats that can be streamed or played as internet soundwaves accessible through links.
  3. The listener – the audience of the broadcast. They connect to the server and enjoy your streamed content on demand.

Simple and affordable to run

Internet radio has reached unexplored realms. Broadcasters are no longer being held back by purchasing expensive gadgets or working with limited time slots on the local radio dial.

All you need is a simple $20 mic, a computer, and fresh ideas to have a fully-fledged show to broadcast worldwide.

Online marketing is a bandwagon that bloggers can take full advantage of. Traffic flow to their website can be increased by marketing via affordable online radio, depending on current marketing plans.

A weekly radio show requires about one or two hours of prep time (entirely depends on the topic covered), followed by 30 to one hour of radio broadcast time.

Unlimited Ad Space

Online radio never falls short when it comes to audiences, and some do offer built-in audiences, and advertising in such platforms picks up right off the bat. Aside from gaining from ads, you will potentially gain new listeners who naturally come to love your ideas and hand around for more.

Online Radio Station, Wider Reach

Unlike live radio, where it is almost impossible to have the same content aired twice, online radio gives you the ability to record MP3 sessions. Such recordings can be replayed to your global following more than once.

However, internet radio is typically streamed on-demand, meaning listeners can hop in ongoing broadcasts like or share with others and play recorded audio. The entire show can be stored on online servers and downloaded at a later date.

The reach of the internet radio is unlimited, and its potential spans wider than the universe.

Friendly and Engaging Listeners

Online radio is welcoming and friendly to newbies. Listeners are not as critical nor aggressive when you make errors or glitches, and some will even offer help and suggestions on how to perfect your art.

Easy In to start and end

Best of all, you don't have to burn through your savings to set up online radio, so if you don't feel the fulfilment you expected, you can jump ship without incurring more losses.

However, if you sail through the hard times, your potential gains multiply exponentially since more are getting to love online entertainment.