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Internet radio or radios which can be designed to be managed by a modern computer are managed by specialised PC software program using a serial port related to the radio. A "laptop radio" may not have a front-panel in any respect, and can be designed exclusively for a computer.

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Some internet radios have the excellent benefit of being field upgradeable by the proprietor. New versions of the DSP firmware may be downloaded from the supplier's web page and uuused to upgrade the flash memory of the radio. The manufacturer can then in impact upload new capabilities to the radio over the years, inclusive of including new filters, DSP noise discount, or surely to correct insects.

A complete-featured radio manages software allows for scanning and a bunch of other features and, specifically, integration of databases in actual-time, like a "tv-guide" kind functionality. This is particularly useful in locating all transmissions on all frequencies of a selected broadcaster, at any given time. Some manipulate software designers have even integrated Google Earth to the shortwave databases, so it is far feasible to "fly" to a given transmitter web page area with a click on of a mouse. In lots of instances, the consumer can see the transmitting antennas where the signal is originating from.



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