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Switch an audio source from Speaker Set A to Speaker Set B or Combine Both (A+B Speakers ), without overloading the trasistor output stages. This can be useful if you have speakers wired to another area in your home but have one audio source.


  • 1 input to 2 outputs
  • Select Speaker Set A, B or A+B (please check for impedance compatibility with your amplifier when using A+B)
  • Left (+/-) & Right (+/-) screw terminals for amplifier input
  • Select output to speakers set 1, speaker set 2, or both sets at the same time
  • 10 watts per channel
  • 1 Speaker on, 2 Speakers on OR All Speakers on
  • Designed with non-shorting selector switch so you can select between two speaker systems without overloading the output stages


  • Audio power handling: 10 watts/ channel continues music power
  • Frequency response: 0.1 dB, from 20 Hz to 20kHz
Note: Impedance restriction for total speakers is 4 ohm. Therefore, you should ensure your system or amplifier will accept a 4 ohm load at the speaker output. Please find impedance chart from user manual at download section
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