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Digital Readers:

Wrapsol - the world's strongest, clearest and greenest scratch-proof protection system for the iPAD. Durable, transparent and astonishingly thin, it provides scratch-proof protection from keys, sand, concrete mishaps, and other daily wear and tear without adding bulk or changing the looks of your device.

Wrapsol utilizes a combination of 14-mil, optically clearscreen protector film (twice as strong as competing screenprotectors while still preserving touch sensitivity and response) and a proprietary matte finish body film that eliminates smudges and fingerprints while at the same time enhancing grip. You will now have freedom from clunky cases and flimsy cling-on screen protectors.

Your Wrapsol comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, in recycled, reusable and 100% recyclable packaging, with everything you need for an easy application:

  • precision custom-cut film for your Personal Reader PRS 700
  • soft, reusable, lint-free microfiber towelette
  • mister with application solution
  • non-marking, flexible squeegee
  • the easiest-to-follow instructions in the industry

Don’t forget that Wrapsol complete scratch-proof protection systems and screen protectors are available formany other digital devices including the iPhone anti-scratch protection system, the iPod anti-scratch protection system, the MacBook anti-scratch protection system, and more.

Wrapsol is the strongest, clearest scratch-proof protection system you can get for the digital devices thatconnect you to your world - without

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