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Rapstrap - The next generation cable tie

A simple British invention that uses the flexibility of polyurethane and a patented locking system.

The humble nylon cable tie has been around since the 1950s and it hasn't changed much during that time, however asimple invention from the UK – Rapstrap – is setting out to redefine the cable tie industry.

So how is Rapstrap different from traditional cable ties?

The Rapstrap is manufactured from polyurethane. The main properties of polyurethane are flexibility and strength Unlike traditional nylon cable ties, the flexibility of the Rapstrap means that it is not possible to over-tighten the tie, causing damage or loss of capacity to the cabling.
The Rapstrap can also produce up to five ties from a single unit. This is achieved by pushing the tongue of the Rapstrap through one of the last cells and pulling it to therequired size. The excess is then cut off and the same process can be repeated as many times as
possible with the remaining section.

The soft material of the Rapstrap also ensures that no sharp edges are left when the excess is removed, avoiding possible cuts. As you may have experienced in the field, nylon cable ties can potentially damage cables as they leavesharp edges, and a lot of plastic gets wasted. In many cases, up to 80% of the tie ends up as landfill. Further, using Velcro in these instances not only means carrying another product to use for specific purpose but it is often an expensive alternative too.

Because of its unique properties, the Rapstrap is particularly suited to Categories 5 and 6 cablesand has been endorsed by cable manufacturers around the world, including General Cable New Zealand.

"The RapStrap, even when pulled tight, is soft and elastic and therefore does not result in the same pressure point that occurs with conventional cable ties.

Additionally the RapStap is reuseable, flame retardant, and UV stabilised making it an attractive option for outdoorinstallations or flame spread sensitive type installs such as risers or tunnels.
The key to the Rapstrap's fastening is in the patented cell structure. Because of their flexibility the legs of thecell fold back as the strap is drawn through itself. These legs then revert to their original shape and prevent the strap from being released.
The Rapstrap's design is a more efficient alternative andits better than the traditional cable tie for a number of reasons.

Rapstrap's revolutionary design has many advantages over traditional cable fasteners.

  • Much more cost efficient because you get up to 5 tiesfrom each Rapstrap

  • Last tie is reusable

  • Suitable for Cat. 5 & 6 cabling

  • Soft and flexible with up to 50% stretch

  • Secure and tested to hold up to 12kg

  • Can be used as a releasable tie

  • Available in black, transparent and green

  • UV stable with a temperature range of -20ºC to 60ºC.

  • Available in black, transparent and green in packs of24, 48 and 96.

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