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Wireworld - Oasis series 8 Quad DNA Helix Subwoofer Cable - RCA to RCA

Oasis 8 iutilizes Wireworld’s superior Tri DNA Helix cable design and patented Silver-Tube™ plugs to improve bass impact and dynamics.

From the recording microphones to our ears, the better the links in the audio chain, the more musical detail and expression we hear.

Wireworld interconnects are designed, tested and manufactured to provide the most sonically transparent path for your music.

Their patented DNA Helix internal structure consists of parallel strands in layered flat conductors that channel electromagnetic signal energy more efficiently than coaxial and twisted pair cables.

They also benefit from Composilex 3, a third generation composite insulation technology with lower triboelectric noise than any conventional low loss insulation, including DuPont Teflon®.

With upgraded designs and superior materials, Wireworld Series 8 interconnects embody real progress in preserving tone quality, imaging and dynamic expression.


Wireworld Oasis 8 Interconnect Cable, best, high-end, audiophile, videophile, patch cords, subwoofer, bass Wireworld Oasis 8 Interconnect Cable, best, high-end, audiophile, videophile, patch cords, subwoofer, bass


Series 8 Upgrades

The upgrade to Composilex 3 in Series 8 interconnects improves tonal purity and image focus, while the increased number of strand groups has increased detail, soundstage separation, bass extension and dynamic expression.


Tri DNA Helix
3 (12 strand groups) Gauge: 21AWG | 0.4 sq. mm
Oxygen-Free Copper
Composilex 3
Silver-clad OFC
  • NOTE
Patented Silver-Tube RCA Plugs


  • WW OSM2.0M8
  • WW OSM4.0M8


New technology clears the path for dynamic sound

The DNA Helix cable design (U.S. Patent #8,569,627) was formulated to provide a comprehensive solution to the audible losses of cables.

Essentially, signals are moved through cables by electromagnetic field energy vibrating electrons in the conductors.

To minimize electromagnetic losses, including skin effect, the flat conductors in the DNA Helix designs are as thin as a single strand.

All of the strands are completely parallel, providingthe most direct signal path possible.

These unique flat conductors are arranged in layers to channel the electromagnetic signal energy most efficiently.

Furthermore, in the analog cables, the spacing between the positive and negative conductors is fine tuned by ear to match the pure sound of a direct connection.

The effect of that tuning is like focusing a lens, with the beautiful textures and dynamics of live music coming into vivid 3-D focus when the spacing is just right.

Every detail can affect the purity of signal.

Conductor material, insulation and connectors are all important, but designing the most efficient path forelectromagnetic energy is the key to lifelike music reproduction."

David Salz - President, Cable Designer

Silver-Tube™ Plugs


Wireworld patented Silver-Tube RCA Plug, Engineered forReality

The idea behind developing plugs that surpass all others in design and material was based on a simple question.

Why bother perfecting cables if the plugs take away from their performance?

After all, the cable can't let you hear all of the music if it’s losing information at the connection. Enter the patented Silver-Tube Plug (U.S. Patent#5,413,503).

With silver-clad tubular OFC contacts, DuPont Teflon insulators and a proprietary silicone tension band for a perfect grip, Silver-Tube plugs provide the highest conductivity of any RCA plugs in the world.


Wireworld Metal Conductivity Scale graphic


Premium Quality Metals Achieve the Highest Conductivity Available

A common misconception is that the gauge of aspeaker wire is all that matters.

Heavier is better, right? Wrong. Gauge can make a difference, but the cable design and material qualitycan have an even greater impact on performance.

That is why we focus on developing the most efficient designs and producing them with the best quality materials available in each price range.

For example, the conductors in our least expensive cables are oxygen-free copper and our ultimate cables use Ohno Continuous-Cast® solid silver.

Metal conductivity is equally important for plugs. Our silver-clad OFC plug contacts are three times more conductive than the common bright gold over nickel plating used on costume jewelry and most other brands.

David Salz

President, Cable Designer

"OCC silver is the purest conductor in the world at 99.99999% pure. Nothing higher exists."


Composilex® 3 Insulation

Imageresult for Composilex® 3 Insulation Image result for Composilex® 3 Insulation

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