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Stelvio was established in 1946 and at the present the company employs 150 people in Italy, 60 in Rumania and 100in the Hungarian unit. The company Stelvio is known worldwide as manufacturer of electromechanical components used both for Industrial and for Consumer Electronics.


Mounting Position: the mounting position relative to the board, chiefly determines the type. For this reason, in-line, vertical or 45 degree angular strips relative to the board are available. The ever increasing functional and component density demands more connections in less space. This means that the right compromise between size, air gaps,creep path, screw size and ruggedness must be found.

Number of Poles:The number of contacts depends on the chouce of block. However the joinable blocks enable an almost infinate number of ways to be assembled.

Clamping System: Reliable prevention of damage to stranded wire is achieved by several designs. The frequency of disconnection and reconnection is the best criterion for selection. One can choose from 2 basic clamping systems. Normally clamped wires are rarely disconnected. In these cases the standard version, equipped with either nickel silver or bronze alloy spring type wire protectors represents the most cost effective approach. Where frequent disconnection is necessary the rising clamp system is more effective, in this version the solder pin is an integral part of the pressure pad and the brushing moves up and down.We find this method to be the most suitable in all installations as it provides the greater flexibility. Furthermore it is necessary to determine the wire sizes to be clamped and the resulting minimum pitch.


  • Made from Flame Retarding grey thermoplastic
  • Tin plated copper alloy contacts with tab for wire protection.
  • Side keyway for adding extra terminals. In combination with other 2 pole terminals and the 3 pole terminals you can link them to create an infinate number of poles as required.


  • Rated: 250V, 6Amps
  • Max Wire Size: 1.5mm Squared
  • Pin Spacing: (5mm)
  • Size (WH D): 2Way: 10 x 17 x 13mm
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