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Solder sleeve wire splice is a low-cost easy installation cable joiner. It consists of transparent heat shrinkable sleeve and fluxed solder that melts around the cable when heated up to provide insulation and make cable waterproof. Simply join two cables together and slide the middle of solder sleeve on the contact point. Use a heat gunto melt heat shrink and solder until it contacts closely with cable jacket.

  • In-line wire splices
  • Fully recovery temperature: 130°C
  • Temperature of fully solder melt: 150°C
  • 25pcs of each size
Model Color Before Shrinking(mm) After Shrinking(mm) Solder Ring Total Length(mm)
Gap Shrink Thickness Gap Thickness Gap Thickness Length
SSWS1.8 White 2.0±0.1 0.3±0.05 1.1±0.1 0.5±0.05 1.8±0.1 0.3±0.05 1.6±0.1 25±0.5
SSWS2.9 Red 3.2±0.2 0.38±0.05 1.5±0.1 0.55±0.05 2.9±0.1 0.45±0.05 3.0±0.1 40±0.5
SSWS4.6 Blue 5.0±0.2 0.4±0.05 2.6±0.1 0.78±0.05 4.6±0.1 0.48±0.05 4.2±0.1 40±0.5
SSWS6.2 Yellow 6.5±0.2 0.4±0.05 3.0±0.1 0.8±0.05 6.2±0.1 0.5±0.05 4.3±0.1 40±0.5
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Solder Sleeve Wire Splices Install Instruction

The easy to install and inspect, waterproof, single-piece Solder Sleeve Splice is the perfect solution in either an industrial setting or any home D.I.Y situation. Below is a basic step by step guide to solder two wires together, usingthe Solder Sleeve Splice and a heat gun, to create a solid and protected single connection.

1.  With the Solder Sleeve already on one of the wires, peel and expose each end of the two wires to a suitable length for joining.

solder sleeve wire splices install instruction step1

2. Join both ends of the two exposed wires together, as pictured below, ensuring both ends are thoroughly connected.

solder sleeve wire splices install instruction step 2

3. Move the Solder Splice down the wire over the joining ends, making sure the solder centre of the sleeve covers the exposed joint, as pictured below.

solder sleeve wire splices install instruction step 3

4. Using a heat gun and starting from one end, heat the Solder Sleeve and slowly move along the splice till you have heat shrunk the entire length.

solder sleeve wire splices install instruction step 4

5. Be careful to heat shrink the whole Solder Sleeve without overheating it.

solder sleeve wire splices install instruction step 5

6. The finished Solder Sleeve should look like the completed wire splice pictured below.

solder sleeve wire splices install instruction step 6

Now you can enjoy your two joined wires, as a single, strong and waterproof cable.

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