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HEXAPOD ROBOT TOBBIE II KIT with Micro:Bit Go Development Board Bundle


The excellent features of Micro:bit have been comprehensively interfaced into this robot, making Tobbie IIyour coolest & cleverest friend. Using MakeCode or Python editors, coding and programming is made easy and turns Tobbie II into a fantastic learning option for your STEM curriculum.

Requires 4 x AAA batteries (Not Included).

Width : 138.0mm
Height : 165.0mm
Depth : 126.0mm
Battery used for : Main Product
Size / Shape : AAA
Type : Alkaline
Battery quantity : 4.0pc

The micro:bit

The Miicro:bit is an open source system originally designed by the BBC for use in computer education in the UK and is now available in Australia.

Described as being about half the size of a credit card, you can use the accelerometer to detect movement and tiltingor the magnetic sensor to detect metal or create a compass. Uses for the 5 x 5 LED display are limited only by the imagination and 2 on-board input push buttons provide instant control.

Another 3 inputs are provided via the 5 ring connectors (theother 2 are for power and ground) which can be accessed via alligator clips or banana connectors. On top of this, the ring connectors form part of a larger 23 pin edge connector for more advanced projects. And if that isn't enough, USB and Bluetooth® connectivity allows interfacing with other peripherals!

Programming can be done via Microsoft MakeCode or MicroPython, both of which are available on the micro:bit foundation website.

Power is via USB or the provided 2 x AAA battery holder (batteries included).

CPU : Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822
GPU : 16 MHz ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller
RAM : 16.0kB
Flash Memory : 256.0kB
Bluetooth Version : V4.0 LOW ENERGY
Length : 52.0mm
Width : 43.0mm
Weight : 4.0g
USB Voltage Input : 5.0V
USB Lead included : true
USB Lead length : 150.0mm

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