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Neets Control - QueBec II gives you the ultimate in simple and reliable projector control. All functions are automatic. When QueBec II detects a signal on either VGA or HDMI loop-through input, it issues a command sequence to the projector and screen. The projector turns on, the connected video source is selected, and the screen lowers into position. The presentation is ready to begin in seconds. When the presentation finished, the projector turns off and the screen lifts. QueBec II works with permanent stationary computers, personal laptops, and DVD/Blu-ray disc players.

QueBec II can be easily configured to function as a priority switch, changing the projector source input when anew signal is detected. For example, when making a presentation from a laptop computer using the VGA output, a video segment from a DVD player can be inserted using the HDMI output by simply turning on and starting the DVD. Whenthe video segment is over, turn­ing off the DVD player automatically switches back to the VGA signal.

Set-up is quickly accomplished by connecting via USB to a computer running Neets Project Editor software. By accessing just a few pages, you can set command sequences for HDMI signal, VGA signal or no signal. All projector control commands are avail­able through the extensive device driver library included with Project Editor. An extra input is provided if you want to add an external button to control projector AV mute or to mute an external amplifier.

Neets Control – QueBec II is flexible and foolproof. Simply configure the functions, and then let QueBec II take over. It's the ultimate in intelligent and intuitive basic projector control.


  • Foolproof simplicity: No remotes, no buttons, no touchscreens.
  • Responds to VGA or HDMI source: Signal presence triggers command sequence for projector and screen
  • Automatic priority switching: Latestsignal introduced (VGA or HDMI) is projected.
  • Easy system configuration: Configurevia USB connection using supplied Windows software.
  • Can be mounted anywhere: Install over drop ceiling or at podium.
  • Perfect for classrooms and small meeting rooms: Supplies all basic control functions with simple and secure operation.


Loop-thru / signal sensing:
QueBec II
1x VGA
1 x HDMI
QueBec III
2 x HDMI
Communication ports:1 x RS-232 (Tx)
Data Bit: 7/8
Stop Bit: 1/1.5/2
1 x IR (emitter)
Transmit 381 Hz – 500 kHz
Devices: 1
1 x USB
3 x Inputs/OutputsInputs:
Sense Low: <1 VDC
Sense High: >4 VDC
Type: Open drain
Max Voltage: 24 VDC
Max Current: 0.5 A
Supply voltage:12 VDC (110 - 230 VAC adapter included)
Resolution:Max VGA resolution: 2K+ (QWXGA) 2048x1152 HDMI: FullHD, Signal detection Using “Hot Plug” pins
NOTE:Due to the voltage detetion, the use of HDMI converters such as DVI converters is not supported
Dimensions:Width: 25 mm
Height: 125 mm
Depth: 70 mm
Weight:100 g
Conformity:Approval: CE
IEC/ EN 61000-6-1
IEC/ EN 61000-6-3
Item number:
Neets Control - QueBec II310-0011
Neets Control - QueBc III310-0012

{tab FAQ}Q: How does HDMI detection work?
A: The Neets Control QueBec II detects a HDMI signal by looking at the “Hotplug” pin in the HDMI cable.
“Hotplug” pin high = Image
“Hotplug” pin low = No image

Q: How does VGA detection work?
A: The Neets Control QueBec detects a VGA signalby looking at the H sync pin in the VGA cable.

Q: What port has the highest priority?
A: The port that has detected a signal last. So disconnect the cable and reconnect it to get priority.

Q: The QueBec II never turns off the monitor when using a HDMI extender/switch, why?
A: When using an HDMI extender or a switch, the behavior of the “Hotplug” signal can be
changed by the extender or switch.
The problem is often that the extender/switch keep the “Hotplug” pin high all the time.
The only way to eliminate this problem is to change the order of the equipment like this:

Q: Can I use a HDMI extender/switch together withthe Neets Control QueBec II?
A: Yes, if the HDMI extender or switch passes the “hotplug” signal through. (Ask your supplier ofextender or switch)

Q: The QueBec does not detect a VGA signal. What is wrong?
A: The Neets Control QueBec need sync signal on HSync pin to detect a signal.
Check that you do get at picture on your Display.
Try to connect your source directly the Display, to see ifyou get connection.
The QueBec does not interfere with EIED communication.
If you have a long cable between then the PC and the Quebec the voltage can drop below the voltage the Quebec can detect.
Try to move the Quebec closer to the PC in order to see ifthis is your problem.
Q: What options does QueBec come in?
A: The Neets Control QueBec comes in 2 options.

  • QueBec II – with 1 VGA and 1 HDMI
  • QueBec III – with 2 HDMI


User manual

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