Damaged Products & Returns

You must check any Products delivered to you to determine if it is damaged. If a Product is damaged on delivery, then you should refuse to take receipt of that Product and notify us through our Customer Service. If you notice damage to a Product after delivery, you should notify us within 14 days of delivery. If so, you may return the Products to us in accordance with this clause.

If you wish to return a Product that is not damaged and that was provided to you under these Terms, then you may return the Product in accordance with our Returns Policy.

Our Returns Policy is incorporated into these Terms. You can view our Returns Policy here. You must provide us with the invoice we issued to you for your order to make a claim under this clause. If you fail to do so, then we may not provide you with a refund We will only refund the delivery fee if the Products are determined to be faulty after assessment under our Returns Policy, and the fault did not arise through any misuse, abnormal use or negligent use of the Products.

Before you return the Product to us, we strongly recommend that you consider contacting the manufacturer directly. Not only is the manufacturer best suited to assess and help you with your problem because they made your product and know how your product operates, but they are in many circumstances obligated to help you. We are of course available to help you as well and you may contact us via email.

 However, it is our experience that when customers experience any problem operating their product, it can often be resolved quicker if the manufacturer is involved directly at the early stage. In many cases, the issue may be resolved with some basic “troubleshooting” by the manufacturer, so the manufacturer is always a good first point of contact.

We will not refund the Delivery Fee where the Products have been delivered to you, unless you are returning the Products because it was damaged.


Where we may be required to refund your payment as your order has been rejected, cancelled or for any other reason, we will use our best endeavours to process your refund within a timely manner. Refunds will be made by us via the method of payment you used to make your online purchase. The time it takes for you to actually receive a refund will depend on how quickly your financial institutions processes the refund.


We will not accept a request to return and refund purchased goods where you have simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection or have simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere. We recommend you carefully preview any orders before adding them to your shopping card and confirming your order.