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UHF CB is a category-certified citizen's band radio carrier authorised by the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, and Malaysia within the UHF 477 MHz band.[1] UHF CB offers 77 channels, including 32 channels (16 output, 16 enter) allocated to repeater stations. It is far similar in idea to 27 MHz CB Radio...


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Many UHF CB radios permit the consumer to test channels to discover a conversation


Several unique test modes can be furnished:

Magnificence licensing approach that customers do not must follow for a license or pay a license rate but they ought to observe the guidelines of the magnificence license.

Person device designs are much like a commercial land cell -way radio beside the maximum DOC approved output power is 5 Watts.  External antennas are permitted, often these commercially manufactured antennas have gained as high as 12 dB. hand-held transceivers (walkie talkies) are approved and have transmitted power from 500 mW to 5 W (complete prison energy) and are extraordinarily reasonably-priced compared to complete-sized transceivers.

It is unlawful to apply non-preferred radios purchased from foreign places due to the fact they interfere with licensed land-cellular services. This consists of overseas private radio carrier devices because they do no longer percentage the identical band plan, electricity output and channels as UHF CB. Care should be taken when importing radios from foreign places to ensure they comply with local regulations. Authorised radios are recognised through Australian requirements C-Tick usually located at the tag or sticky label of the radio.

Open test scans all 80 channels to find an energetic verbal exchange. A few radios allow skipping selected channels while scanning.

Organisation scan scans a small variety of selected channels. For instance, a caravanner travelling across the USA  Might also select to institution scan Channel forty (street Channel), 18 (Caravan Channel) and five (Emergency Channel) so they may hear any conversations referring to their travels.


Precedence scan allows the choice of a "priority" channel while scanning a handful of deciding on channels. This may be useful in a convoy of automobiles in which motors can set their very own convoy channel as a priority channel, even as scanning the distinct road channel for updates, if a member of their group speaks, the radio will usually transfer again to the concerned channel even supposing a person is talking on another channel.


Selective calling (Selcall) lets in a radio to name another radio the use of a series of tones, normally offered to the user as a series of five numbers. UHF CB radios can be set to be silent until they receive a sequence of tones matching a pre-programmed sequence. Radios which have this option imply that a name has been received via emitting some beeps and by way of establishing the squelch. The popularity of SELCALL has dropped since the introduction of CTCSS.

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