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Panasonic RP-HS34E-K - Water Resistant sports Earphone


Water Resistant (IPX2 equivalent) C.C.A.W. (Copper Clad Aluminum Wire) Neodymium Magnet3-pole 3.5 mm (1/8 in.) Stereo Plug


The water resistant ( IPX2 equivalent ) design guards against sweat entry, and the adjustable hanger keeps these clip type earphones comfortable during sports use.

Bass sound are clear and robust


  • 14.3-mm Driver Units
    • With neodymium magnet for powerful bass
  • 10 Hz – 25 kHz
    • Frequency response
  • Water Resistant
    • Suitable for sports use


Optimally Designed for Sports Use

The HS34 clip on the ear and the cord runs behind the ear, so they won't come off during exercise and touch noise is minimized for great listening.

Because the HS34 are water resistant (IPX2 equivalent*), they're great for sports use.

*Specifications are equivalent to IPX2 of IEC 60529.

Comfortable Fit

The clip hanger keeps the HS34 firmly held to the ear, and the position of the inner part can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

Multiple color variations are available so you can coordinate with your sportswear and shoes.


Sports Headphones:RP-HS34




HeadphoneFeaturesDriver Unit (diameter in mm)14.3
Magnet Type (Nd:Neodymium / Fe:Ferrite)Nd
Impedance (Ohm) / 1 kHz23
Sensitivity (dB / mW)112
Max. Input (mW)200 (*IEC)
Frequency Response (Hz - kHz)10 Hz - 25 kHz
Cord Length (m / ft.)1.2 / 3.9
Weight (g) without cord9.5
MiniPlug (3.5mm in diam.)yes
Plug (Ni:Nickel / G:Gold)Ni
Note*IEC:International Electrotechnical Commission

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