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{tab Features}
  • Spare receiver for PRO1188A, it includes PRO1186 IR injector and PRO1178 mini IR receiver
  • Dimension: 47mm x 35mm x 20mm
{tab FAQs}

Does the IR target work with plasmas?
Some plasmas are better shielded than others. In the one instance that we've tested the IR targets, it has worked without any issue.

How come you need to buy "special" IR passing splitters when using this product?
The special thing about IR passing splitters (eg ChannelPlus branded splitters) is that they allow voltage to pass in both directions. Standard splitters, with their internal diode, only allow voltage to pass up the splitter. Since IR systems require this voltage to also be passed down the splitter also, you how to ensure that you choose the correct model.

{tab Downloads}
pdf; 355kB PRO1188A Kit User Manual

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