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Earthquake SLAPS are Tunable Passive Radiators that provide additional bass, without additional amplifier power or enclosure volume. Designed to perfectly complement all good quality long-throw woofers on the market. SLAPS add up to +6dB of bass compared to regular sealed and ported enclosures. The benefit of them being user tunable is they can be integrated into virtually any sub/ cabinet combination.

SLAPS is a patented type of passive device that significantly increases subwoofer efficiency and ability forultra low frequency reproduction. SLAPS is short for Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System. As the name indicates, SLAPS is built symmetrically which distinguishes it from traditional passive devices. SLAPS integrates identical components in its suspension design, this results in identical stoke regardless of forwards or backwards motion. The high efficiency and performance is a result of the pneumatic coupling between SLAPS and an active driver.

SLAPS overcomes the limitations known from the conventional sealed and ported enclosures that tends to limit excursion. The unique design allows the active driver compression free excursion resulting in deep, dynamic and powerful bass response.

SLAPS design differs from other passive devices by havingdouble edge suspension and no center spider. SLAPS is designed from the ground up to be operated and controlled pneumatically. Traditional passive devices are often just a normal active driver where the primary motor system (voice coil and magnet) has been been removed. Conventional devicesare designed to be powered electrically, in which the force emanates from the drivers conical center. A passive device is operated pneumatically by air pressure from the active driver. For pneumatic operation a traditional unit does notperform identically in positive and negative pressure environments. (imploding edge suspension and positive over ring).

SLAPS have a dual structure of identical opposites, ie. that there is an introvert and an extrovert edge suspension and no spider. This gives identical properties in both the negative and positive pressure domain. SLAPS thus behaves pistonically and accurately, they do not have the "hesitation" traditional passive devices seems to have whenyou observe them in operation.

SLAPS opens up for new subwoofer designs, where even verysmall enclosures can be tuned to low frequencies . The low weight allows great flexibility in terms of weight attachment. SLAPS can be custom tuned for optimum performance in a wide range of enclosure sizes and active device configurations.

{tab Specification}
  • Flat pistonic membrane
  • SWE (Super Wide Edge) edge suspension with height: 44 mm
  • Required free space on each side of the device: 90 mm
  • Mounting Depth: 44 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 420 mm
  • CutoutHole: 388 mm
  • Countersinking depth: 6 mm
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