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but The IR Emitter has to be plugged in IR Link Socket (not from socket 1,2,3)

Distribute composite video and stereo audio plus IR signals using economical CAT5 cable. The PRO1235D is a readyto go kit including a receiver. The system can be expanded up to 4 zones with additional PRO1235DS spare receivers, also available separately.

Please note: For Foxtel IQ2 compatibility, please ensure you use the IR LINK socket for the IR emitters.


  • Designed to be surface mounted for in-wall composite video, and stereo audio with IR control applications
  • Transmission distance:
    • Audio :300 meters
    • Video : 300 meters
  • Interface:
    • 3.5mm mini socket (for emitters)
    • 3x RCA connectors (for audio/video)
    • 4x RJ45 (for CAT5)
  • PRO1235D back

  • Dimension: 157 mm x 65mm x 29mm
  • Power supply: 12VDC, 200mA
  • Loop-out function

Kit includes:

  • PRO1235 AV + IR distribution hub
  • PRO1235DS Spare AV + IR receiver
  • Single IR emitter
  • Dual IR emitter
  • IR receiver stick
  • 12V 1.2A switchmode power supply

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