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*See "Tips" for more information

The PRO1247D allows you to extend component video, coaxial digital audio, stereo audio and IR signals to 4 different zones (expandable up to 8 with loop out function) using economical CAT5e cable.

Your source AV device (beg. DVD player) connects to the distribution hub and a 2 CAT5e cable connection is made to the receiver which is connected to your display device (beg.TV).


  • Four zone Audio/ Video + IR distribution
  • Loop out function
  • Send HD video and audio signals up to 120 metres
  • Transmit IR signals to remotely control AV devices
  • IR confirmation and power LED
  • Supports 480p/ 1080i
  • Both distribution hub and receiver can be wall mounted(screws included)
{tab Specifications}


  • Distribution hub:
    • 8x RJ45 ports
    • YPbPr video input (3x RCA)
    • Coaxial digital audio (DA) input (1x RCA)
    • Stereo audio (L/ R) input (2x RCA)
    • 3x IR emitter input (3.5mm jack)
    • 2x IR link connector (3.5mm jack)
  • Receiver:
    • 2x RJ45 ports
    • YPbPr video output (3x RCA)
    • Coaxial digital audio (DA) output (1x RCA)
    • Stereo audio (L/ R) output (2x RCA)
    • 1x IR receiver input (3.5mm jack)


  • Video nominal input level: 1 Volt (peak to peak)
  • Video input impedance:
    • Distribution hub: 75 ohm
  • Video output impedance:
    • AV CAT5 receiver: 75 ohm
  • Audio input impedance:
    • Distribution hub: 47k ohm
  • Audio output impedance:
    • AV CAT5 receiver: 300 ohm
  • Power: 12V DC 1.2A switching power
  • Weight:
    • Distribution hub: 460gr
    • Receiver: 310gr
  • Dimensions:
    • Distribution hub: 195 (W) x 87 (D) x 27 (H) mm
    • Receiver: 158 (W) x 67 (D) x 31 (H) mm
{tab Kit Contents}

Kit includes:

  • Distribution hub
  • Receiver
  • Dual band IR receiver
  • Single IR emitter
  • Dual IR emitter
  • 12V DC 1.2A switch-mode power supply
  • 8x screws for mounting
  • Instructions
{tab Installation & Tips}


Getting Foxtel iQ2 to work with the PRO1247D:
Although undocumented, several of our customers have had success controlling their Foxtel iQ2 boxes via the IR extender function of the PRO1247D by connecting their IR Emitter to the IR LINK port rather than the emitter output port.

Installation diagram



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