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The SSV series Speaker Selectors are highly efficient dual-source speaker selectors that control pairs of speakers. The front panel provide a separate volume control for each speaker pair, allowing you to adjust the volume in each room from one convenient location. With two amplifier inputs, the SSV Series Speaker Selectors allow you to choose either program in each room. Each zone also has an on/off switch, which allows you to keep the volume control at a set level while turning the speakers on or off. The SSV series Speaker Selectors use high-quality impedance matching autoformers to maintain a safe operating load at the amplifier while distributing maximum power throughout your system. Designed for use with either 4 ohm or 8 ohm speakers, the SSV series products are equipped with internal jumpers to select the degree of impedance matching based on the impedance of your speakers and your amplifier's impedance requirements.

The independent A/B source enables the selection of two different amplifiers to anyroom in any combination simultaneously, all at varying volume levels. Ideal for both home and commercial installations.


  • Dual amplifier sources inputs
  • 6 Zone outputs with separate on/off switch and source switch
  • Separate rotary volume control for each output
  • No external power supply required!
  • A/B source selection for each room independently to choose between two source amplifiers
  • Spring terminals for convenient speaker cable termination - accepts up to 12AWG cable
  • Full transformer based circuit for impedance matching
  • Full metal casing - extra heavy duty construction
{tab Specifications}
Continuous (RMS):150 watts total RMS
Average Power:180 watts total
Peak Power:200 watts total
Volume Control:42 dB attenuation/ 12 positions
Impedance matching:Autoformers
Spring terminals: Accepts up to 12 gauge wire
Dimensions:432 mm x 76mm x 159 mm
Weight:4.5 kg
{tab Connection Diagram}

SS24V diagram
(Please note: 4-way SS24V shown)


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