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Cartridge Type: Ceramic
Stylus Tip: Conical
Tracking Force: 5.0g


Brands/Stylus using this stylus:
NEC Nihon LP40D
Sanyo ST14D
Sharp STY704
Novatech SN-X3000, SN-X3100, SN-X3500, SN-X4000, SN-X6000
Audio Reflex N14C
Brands/Cartridges using this stylus:
NEC Nihon NS130
Sanyo M6T5
Sharp Cart704
Toshiba C29, C35
Brands/Turntables or Systems using this stylus:
AWA 15+15, FM21, S02, S18, S19, S20, S26, SE18, SE19, SM18, SM19, SM20, SM21, SM26, SM208, SMA15, SMB15, SP02, SP03, SP04, SP05, SP09, SP19
Sanyo DC620XK, DC710, DC711, DC750, DC640XK, DC6710
Sharp GS4500, GS5640, GS5643, DS5650
Novatech SNX3000, SNX3100, SNX3500, SNX4000, SNX6000
Audio Reflex JH300, MR130, MR140M

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