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The EPC 6545 Ceiling Solution lets you mount your projector to the ceiling. You can easily position your projector and secure it to maintain a stable image while viewing. It comes with the universal EPA 6505 Projector Connector that fits virtually every projector weighing up to 10 kg. Due to the Easy Connect feature, the EPT 6525 is part of the Vogel’s Click & Switch system.

Now you can easily project an image on any screen or wall. The unique spherical hinge joint has a huge range of movement so you can position your projector wherever you desire. With the Adjust & Secure feature you can lock the projector into position. You can easily conceal your cables with the patented CIS® Cable Inlay System. When not in use, simply remove your projector and hide the cables and support from sight using the ceiling cover provided. The EPC 6545 is a complete Ceiling Solution that comes with the EPA 6505 Projector Connector and the EPC 6540 Ceiling Module.

MainColor Silver/Anthracite 
Turn 360 ° 
Turn - Projector360 ° 
Tilt 20 ° 
Number of pivot points 
Max.weight - Projector10 kg (22.10 lbs)
Min.distance to ceiling 76 mm (2.99 ")
Max.distance to ceiling 76 mm (2.99 ")
Roll - Projector20 ° 
Tilt - Projector20 ° 

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