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The PRO1221 sends composite video and stereo audio signals over long distances using economical CAT5 cable allowing you to distribute video and sound easily and efficiently.

Simply connect your video source (eg. DVD player) to one module using 3 RCA cables, and another 3x RCA cables to the other module to connect to your TV and hook up the modules using a single CAT5 cable. No power supply required.

  • Includes 2 modules to transfer AV signals
  • Distance: Up to 300m
  • Interface:
    • Video: 1x RCA input
    • Audio: 2x RCA inputs
  • Impedance:
    • Video: 75 Ohm unbalanced
    • Audio: 600 Ohm unbalanced
    • UTP: 100 Ohm balanced
  • Bandwidth:
    • Video: DC~12 MHz
    • Audio: 50Hz~15KHz

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