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The first of its kind, the Tannoy CMS 110TB subwoofer hasbeen engineered to provide low frequency extension and impact from a concealed ceiling mounted position. This ceiling subwoofer integrates seamlessly into the installation environment by utilising standard air conditioning vent covers as the speaker grille.

Simple yet sophisticated, the 110TB is the first product of its kind: a true ceiling mounted subwoofer. Engineered to deliver low frequency extension (-3dB @ 31 Hz) and impact from a concealed ceiling mounted position, the 110TB integrates almost invisibly into any indoor environment by using a standard air handling vent cover as a speaker grille. The easy to install 110TB drops seamlesslyinto a 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile without any special construction requirements. Each cornerof the cabinet is fitted with a seismic tether point. This system can also be flownin free space via 3/8” threaded rod, chain or aircraft cable. Fire rating is NFPA class A.

Whether your application calls for low level warmth or high SPL slam, the 110TB provides the required punch.

The Tannoy 110 TB Tile Bridge subwoofer - like its companions, the 110 SR (Sheet Rock) and the 110 CS (Corner Sub) - is a compact, 10” down-firing, vented cabinet capable of 31Hz @ -3dB. Easy to install and with no special construction requirements, the 110 TB drops into a 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile space. It integrates invisibly into the environment by using a standard air conditioning vent cover as a speaker grille.

The 110 TB features a resonance decoupling system, and each corner of the cabinet is fitted with a seismic tether point. The four corner flyingpoints allow the unit to be flown in free space via a 3/8” threaded rod, a chain or aircraft cable. Fire rating is NFP-A Grade A.

The 110 TB incorporates an 8” x 10” input module located on the side of the cabinet. The input module controls are easily accessed by lifting the adjacent ceiling tile. The 110 TB can be ordered with a passive input module (110TB-P) connected via barrier strip, or with a passive internal crossover (110 TB-PX). Both passive modules can be powered by a THP 60 Watt / 70 Volt line transformer fordistributed systems (110 TB-P70V and 110 TB-PX70V).

Alternatively, the 110 TB can be powered by a 200 Watt active amplifier (110 TB-A) or with a Tannoy PowerLinx PLA 305 - 300 Watt multi-channel amplifier (110 TB-MC), with 110 Watts dedicated to the subwoofer. Both the active and multi-channel options are UL and CSA approved.

  • All of the CMS 110 Series subs are available in passive, passive 70V, and active versions.
  • The active 110 SR Sheet Rock subwoofer, like its sister model the 110 TB (Tile Bridge) is a 250mm (10.00”) down-firing drive unit mounted in a compactvented cabinet capable of 31Hz @ -3dB. Designed to flush mount into sheet rock ceilings, walls, or overhangs; in fact, in any position offering adequate clearance and suitable structural support.
  • A standard air conditioning style perforated grille is supplied for architectural integrity, while servicing and adjustments are easily undertaken from the ground. . The 110 SR pre-installation ring is available for drywall contractors. NFPA (grade A) fire rating applies.


  • This ceiling subwoofer features an adjustablelow and high frequency filter and EQ boost, phase and earth lift switching and gain control. The long excursion 250mm (10.00") bass transducer is powered by a 200W amplifier featuring compressor limiting overload protection, fully balanced dual input/outputs and an auto on/off sleep feature indicator through a front mounted LED.
  • The CMS 110-B provides low frequency reinforcementwhich is well extended, dynamic, unobtrusive and, most of all, affordable.


  • Foreground music systems
  • Business music systems
  • Retail outlets
  • Reception / waiting rooms
  • Boardrooms & offices
  • Museums and interactive exhibits
  • Convention centers, hotels
  • Cruise ships
  • Houses of worship


  • 254mm (10") bass unit
  • Easy access to system controls
  • Input module options - system flexibility
  • Seismic tether points
  • Eye bolts and threaded rod inserts for “free space” suspension
  • Class A fire hazard classification paint
  • Quick & easy mounting
  • Active input module
  • 200 Watts - 6Ω load
  • L/R fully balanced inputs & outputs
  • Variable low pass
  • Fixed 80Hz high pass output available
  • UL & CSA approved


  • The bass loudspeaker shall consist of a 254mm (10”) low frequency transducer mounted within a vented direct radiating enclosure. An 8”x10” input module shall be incorporated into the design to offer multiple system options.
  • Performance of the loudspeaker, without any electronic control shall meet or exceed the following criteria; Frequency response measured at 1 meter on axis with swept sine wave shall be 31Hz - 150Hz (+/-3dB). Sensitivity shall be 500mV for rated output on active input module and at least 93dB (half space) on passive input modules for 2.83 Volts @ 1 meter. The system shall be capable of producing a peakoutput level of 111dB (half space) on axis at 1 meter. The system shall have a nominal impedance of 6Ω, maximum power handling shall be 200 Watts (programme).
  • The enclosure shall be an optimally tuned, vented enclosure constructed of MDF and finished in a textured Black fire resistant paint. Input connectors shall be a barrier strip on passive modules and 3 pin XLR female on active module. The enclosure shall be designed to fit into a 2’x2’ tile bridge ceiling, includes 4 eye bolts for safety and “ threaded inserts for free space suspension. The enclosure shall not exceed the following dimensions: 251 x 598 x 598mm or 9 x 23 x 23 ” (H x W x D).
  • The bass loudspeaker shall be the...110 TB.


Sensitivity500mV for rated output
Frequency Response(+/-3dB) 31Hz - 150Hz, (-10dB) 26Hz
Inputs3 pin XLR female; pin 2 positive
Maximum SPL @ 1 mAverage: 105dB
Peak: 111dB
Driver Complement250mm (10.00") bass unit
EnclosureDirect radiating vented MDF
Dimensions243 x 606 x 598mm
(9.56 x 23.87 x 23.56")
Weight (each)18.1kg (40lbs)
FinishTextured Black

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