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Protect your laptop from theft!

This laplock consists of a simple lock and a metal cable which connect to the inbuilt security slot to a desk leg orsecure mount (not included).

  • Length of metal cable: 1.2m
  • 4 figure - 10,000 combination codes
  • Contents of Package : Combination Lock & Cable

How to set up your personal PIN

  • Step 1. Make sure your LAPLOK01 is unlocked
    (default code is 0000)
  • Step 2. Push and hold the recessed button located at the bottom of the lock.
    You may need to use a sharp object like a pen etc. to press the button
  • Step 3. While the recessed button is pushed in, use the dials to setup your personal PIN.
  • Step 4. Release the recessed button to accept the PIN change.

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