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Kit consists of WT5810 microphone receiver and WM5325H microphone.


  • The WT-5810 is a PLL-synthesizer controlled double superhetrodyne diversity tuner designed to be used with a UHF wireless system. It employs a compander noise reduction circuit to minimize the influence of ambient RF noise.


  • The WM-5325H wireless transmitter has been manufactured for use with a UHF system. It is for use in speech reinforcement applications. Thanks to the PLL-synthesizer system, 64 different operating frequencies are made available. A high output power ensures stable radiosignal transmission.


All Toa stock we have is F01 band (636-666MHz)
For other regions there is also H01 band (578-606MHz) Only for areas where F01 (636-666MHZ) wireless models can’t be used, will be able to order in H01 frequency models (578-606MHz) as indent item!


WT-5810 Wireless Tuner

  • Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synthesis operation
  • 16 selectable channel frequencies
  • TOA space diversity technology
  • Double super-heterodyne receiving system
  • Auto mixing input function
  • Squelch function (carrier, noise, tone)

WM-5325H Wireless Transmitter

  • 64 selectable channels
  • Maximum input level: -14 dB to -29 dB
  • Built-in circuitry minimizes ambient noise effects,
  • WB-2000 rechargeable battery or single AA battery operation for compact and lightweight body
  • Connector for 3.5 mini-plugs
  • Built-in antenna


WT-5810 UHF Wireless Tuner

Power SourceAC mains (supplied AC adapter must be used)
Power Consumption130 mA (12 V DC)
Receiving Frequency636 - 666 MHz (*2), UHF
Channel Selectable16 channels
Receiving SystemDouble super-heterodyne
Diversity SystemSpace diversity
Mixing OutputMIC: -60 dB (*1), 600 Ω, balanced, XLR-3-32 type connector
LINE: -20 dB (*1), 600 Ω, unbalanced, phone jack
Mixing Input-20 dB (*1), 10 kΩ, unbalanced, phone jack
AntennaWhip antenna
Receiving Sensitivity90 dB or more, Signal to Noise ratio (20 dBμV input, 40 kHz deviation)
Squelch Sensitivity16 - 40 dBμV variable
Squelch SystemUsing together of noise SQ, carrier SQ andtone SQ
Tone Frequency32.768 kHz
IndicatorANT A/B, Audio (peak), Battery alarm, Channel number
Channel CheckUsable frequencies scanning
Signal to Noise Ratio104 dB or more (A-weight, unbalanced output)
Harmonic Distortion1 % or less (typical)
Frequency Response100 Hz - 15 kHz, ±3 dB
Operating Temperature-10 ℃ to +50 ℃ (14 ゜F to 122 ゜F)
Operating Humidity30 % to 85 %RH
FinishResin, black
Dimensions206 (W) × 40.6 (H) × 152.7 (D)mm (8.11" × 1.6" × 6.01") (excluding antenna)
Weight590 g (1.3 lb)


WM-5325H withHeadset microphone WH-4000H

ModulationFrequency modulation
Frequency Range636 - 666 MHz (*2), UHF
Channel Selectable64 channels (the number of channels may differ from country to country)
RF Carrier Power50 mW or less
Tone Frequency32.768 kHz
OscillatorPLL synthesized
Maximum Input Level-14 dB to -29 dB (*1) (Audio level control: Min. to Max.)
Maximum Deviation±40 kHz
Audio Frequency Response100 Hz - 15 kHz
BatteryWB-2000 (WB-2000-2 contains 2 pieces) rechargeable battery (option)
or AA alkaline dry cell battery
Battery LifeApprox. 13 h (when the WB-2000 rechargeable battery is used)
Approx. 10 h (when the alkaline battery is used)
IndicatorPower/Battery lamps
AntennaBuilt-in type
Connectorφ3.5 mm (φ0.14") mini plug
Operating Temperature-10 ℃ to +50 ℃ (14 ゜F to 122 ゜F) (except battery)
Operating Humidity30 % to 85 %RH (no condensation)
FinishResin, coating
Dimensions62 (W) × 102.5 (H) × 23 (D) mm(2.44" × 4.04" × 0.91")
Weight90 g (0.2 lb) (with battery)
AccessoryScrew driver …1, Storage case …1, Neck strap …1
Headset microphone:: WH-4000H


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