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Color Video Door Station -

Aiphone JPDVF stainless steel vandal resistant flush mount door station

There are three video door stations available for use with the Aiphone JP series video intercom systems. All these door stations have a very wide viewing angle of 170 degrees.

  1. Aiphone JPDA which is a surface mount plastic door station
  2. Aiphone JPDV which is a diecast steel vandal resistant surface mount door station
  3. Aiphone JPDVF which is a stainless steel vandal resistant flush mount door station

The JPDVF,  door station is supplied with a flush mount back box.

All models are weather resistant, are designed for outdoor use and are covered by a three year warranty.

30 degree angle boxes are available for the JPDV and JPDAcolour video door stations. The JFWD for use with the JPDV and the KAWD for use with the JPDA door station.

These angle boxes are particular useful when a door station is installed on an entrance with double doors or glass panelling on either side of the door.

The angle box enables the door station to be angled towards the door giving a better view of the area in front of the door. Both boxes are constructed of plastic.



 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 JPDA  129mm  97mm  35.5mm
 JPDV  173mm  98mm  29.5mm
 JPDVF  209mm  135mm  See below

                         Flush mount door station hole cut out dimensions
 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 JKDVF  180mm  110mm  45mm

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