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Imation Defender™ Optical Discs are perfect for users that need to share confidential information on CD, DVD andBlu-ray (coming soon) media securely.

Leveraging Imation’s core competency in optical media combined with software the Imation Defender™ Optical Disc integrates encryption and burning applications. The innovative features easily create a disc allowing you to add, edit or delete files, create folders and use a simpledrag-and-drop function. With FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validation, you can be confident regulatory requirements aremet and protect sensitive data with a simple one-step AES 256-bit encryption process. The encryption software operates directly from the disc eliminating the need to install, maintain or use third party software on your personal computer.

The white inkjet printable disc allows you to create a high-quality, custom-printed surface with available formats that are compatible with a variety of CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives making it easy for you to share your digital information.

FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Validated
Meet regulatory requirements with the Imation DefenderPrintable Optical Media, the product demonstrates securitywith encryption capabilities. You can be confident you areprotecting sensitive data.

AES 256-bit Software Encryption
A simple one-step process protects your sensitive datawith AES 256-bit encryption. The encryption operates directly from the disc eliminating the need to install, maintain or use third party burning and encryption software on your personal computer.

Integrated Password Recovery
Password recovery helps

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