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{tab overview}

Century PS Batteries are a range of superior quality, high performance multi-purpose batteries designed to providedependable primary and back-up power in domestic and commercial applications.

Manufactured to the latest international standards using some of the highest quality materials and internal components, Century PS batteries provide reliable, trouble free power in applications demanding high service life.
Century PS Batteries incorporate Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology which suspends the liquid electrolyte within highly porous glass fibre mat separators. These act as a sponge like material absorbing the loose electrolyte, eliminating accidental leaks or spills.

The VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) recombinant design eliminates the need for regular maintenance and enables fitment in hard to reach locations without the loss of performance, capacity, electrolyte, or cycle life.

Primary Power Use

Century PS batteries are suitable for use in applicationsrequiring constant power over extended periods of time. The advanced design features and specialist construction makes Century PS batteries perfect as the main power source for a range of applications including:
Toys, Power tools, Television & video recorders, Marine equipment, Electronic test equipment ,Portable lighting

Back-up Power Use

In back-up power applications, Century PS batteries provide dependable reserve power to operate critical systemsin the event of mains power failure.

In such situations these specialist batteries remain on charge until a mains power outage, where they engage providing power to critical systems. These typical back-up power applications include:

Alarm systems, Communications equipment, Computer servers, Emergency lighting systems, Vending machines. Automated doors & security gates, Fire & security systems

{tab features}

  • High Discharge Rates - Low internal resistance allows discharge currents up to 10 times rated capacity
  • Valve Regulated /Maintenance Free - Gasses are recombined within cells, eliminating the need for topping upof electrolyte levels
  • Easy handling - Leak-proof construction avoids need for special handling and transportation requirements
  • Longer shelf life - Low self discharge rates permit longer storage and shelf life
  • Design Flexibility - Can be used in series and or parallel to service a range of voltage and capacity requirements
  • Rugged Construction - High-impact resistant battery casing provides superior resistance to vibration, shock and heat
  • Higher charge acceptance - Enables quicker recharge for less downtime

{tab specifications}

  • Nominal Voltage
12 volt
  • Nominal Capacity ( 20hr )
2.9 AH
  Length 79 ± 1mm (3.11 inches)
  • Dimension
Width 56 ± 1mm (2.20 inches)
  Container height 99 ± 1mm (3.90 inches)
  Toal height with terminal 105 ± 1mm (4.13 inches)


  • Weight
Approx 1.10kg (2.43lbs)
  • Terminal Type
  20 hour rate (145mA) 2.9AH      
  • Rated Capacity
10 hour rate (270mA)



Constant Voltage


Cycle Initial Charging Current
less than 0.87A. Voltage
14.4V~15.0V at 25°C (77°F)
Temp. Coefficient -30mV/°C
  5 hour rate (494mA) 2.47AH      
  15 minute rate (1.8A) 1.42AH      


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