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This unit was designed with the working musician and sound person in mind. The MQS-52features a full selection ofstandard pro audio connectors for testing all such cables. It consists of two RCA jacks, two 1/4" jacks, two XLR jacks sockets, two XLR jacks plugs and two MIDI jacks (located on the sides of the unit).


  • LED1/GND: Indicates continuity between pins 1 of an XLR cable, or ground on an RCA or 1/4", or pins 4 of a MIDI cable.
  • LED2/TIP: Indicates continuity between pins 2 of an XLR cable, or the tip on an RCA or 1/4" cable, or pins 5 of a MIDI cable.
  • LED3/ RING: Indicates continuity between pins 3 of an XLR cable, or the ring of a stereo 1/4" cable.


  • Jacks: XLR, Phone Jack, Stereo RCA, DIN
  • Dimension: 113mm x 73mm x 40mm
  • Weight: 367.5g

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