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Nashua 386 Stretch & Seal  Repair Tape

General purpose silicone repair tape suitable for creating a permanent, watertight seal. May be applied in wetconditions, is chemical & UV resustant & removes cleanly leaving behind no sticky residue.

Colours available: Translucent & Black.

Size available: 25.4mm x 3.05m.


  • Unique self fusing (bonds to self) sealing tape thathas no chemical bonding agent and therefore leaves behind no"sticky" residue once removed
  • Easy to apply - Hand tearable (no cutting required)
  • Can be used in exterme environments as it withstandstemperatures from -54 degrees celcius to +260 degrees celcius.
  • Is resistant to most solvents and cleaners
  • UV stable and will not rot or become brittle
  • May be applied in wet conditions
  • A single strip can be reused multiple times as it retains its elasticity

Suitable For:

  • Applications that require a permanent water tight seal around the home and worksite
  • protection against leaks, rust and corrosion
  • Repairing splits or cracks in hoses, pipes and tubing
  • Wrapping of coax cables, electrical wires and leads
  • Ideal for various plumbing, automotive and householduses
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