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Non-toxic silicone heat transfer compound, in handy useto use applicator, exhibits high thermal conductivity, non creep, suitable for use with power diodes, transistors and other devices.

Maintains a positive heat sink seal that improves heat transfer from the device to the heat sink chassis, thereby increasing overall efficiency of the heat dissipation.

ChemTools Heatsink Compound is a non-toxic, metal oxidefilled silicone grease, which provides a highly efficient and highly thermally conductive compound designed to operate over a wide temperature range.

10cc Syringe


  • High Thermal Conductivity.
  • Non-Electrically Conductive.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range.
  • No Creep and Low Bleed Characteristics.
  • Easy Application, Low Toxicity, Economic.

Physical Properties:

  • Appearance: White Paste
  • Odour: None
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.9 W/mK
  • Density: 2.2 g/cm3
  • Temperature Range: -100 to +200°C
  • Weight Loss: <1% after 96hrs @ 200°C
  • Dielectric Strength: 42kV/mm
  • Electrical Resistance: 1012Ω


Heat sinks operate by conducting heat from the processor to the heat sink and then radiating it to the air. The better the transfer of heat between the two surfaces (the CPU and the heat sink metal) the better the cooling. Some processors come with heat sinks glued to them directly, ensuring a good transfer of heat between the processor and the heat sink.

Heat sinks that are attached using clips normally sit rather loosely on top of the processor. It may feel like it is attached securely, but there will be a gap between the CPU and the heat sink, and that gap of air them makes for poor heat transfer, even if it is very small. Air is apoor conductor of heat compared to most liquids or solids.To improve the thermal connection between the processor and heat sink, a special chemical called heat sink compound should be used. A thin layer of this is spread between the two, which greatly improves heat transfer and the cooling of the processor.

Heat sink compound is a white paste made from zinc oxide in a silicone base. Very little of the substance is needed, just enough to fill the gap between the CPU and heat sink. Using more will not make it work better, it will just make a big mess when you press the heat sink down onto the CPU, much like putting too much strawberry jam inyour PB&J sandwich.

The use of this compound is strongly recommended for those who want to cool their processors properly.

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