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Kingray Professional Series

Kingray TV signal distribution products have been the unwavering choice of the TV installation industry virtually from the advent of television services in Australia. For over 50 years Kingray amplifiers, converters and modulators have consistently delivered crystal clear, interference freeTV reception across the country and more recently across theAsia Pacific region.

Today as we witness a growing convergence of ‘Free to Air’ television, subscription services,‘pay per view’ and Internet delivery techniques;Kingray remains at the forefront of this technological evolution with cost effective, pragmatic solutions to both terrestrial and satellite based signal distribution methodologies.

The new Kingray Professional Series sets a new standardin Headend equipment, engineered from the ground up to meet the exacting demands of system designers, carriers and regulators in both Australia and around the world.

At the heart of a Kingray Professional Series installation lies the KR110 19” rack with its KLA110 45 dB Launch Amplifier and low noise power supply; to ensuretotal system flexibility, up to 10 KCC110 Channel Converters/Processors, 10 KDM110 Dual Input Digital Modulators or a combination of either maybe mounted.

Ease of installation, commissioning, and functionality were prime considerations during the development phase of the Kingray Professional Series, practical solutions like the simple daisy chain signal couplers, LED status indicators, upgradeable firmware and PC based calibration reflect the no-nonsense innovation incorporated in this remarkable product range.

To add further to the Kingray Professional Series, flexibility, particularly in smaller systems where a single ‘stand alone’ processor or modulator is required, it may be powered with a standard Kingray PSK24 power supply.

The Kingray Professional Series is proudly manufacturedin Australia and is accompanied by a comprehensive three year warranty.

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KR110 Headend Rack

The KR110 is a robust, dual purpose rack that will hold up to 10 modules and a KLA110 launch amplifier/power supply.The rack can be wall mounted or installed in a 19” rack simply by reversing the side support brackets.


  • Strong press metal design
  • Durable high quality powder coat finish
  • Quick and easy to assemble


{tab KLA110}

KLA110 Launch Amplifier/Power Supply

The unique design of the KLA110 incorporates a LaunchAmplifier, Power Supply and Programming Interface. Designed to be mounted in the middle of the KR110. The power supply is designed to power 10 modules, it can also provide external power to a masthead or pre amp if required. 

Features - Amplifier

  • High output
  • Low noise figure
  • Low insertion loss, input separator / output combiner.
  • Adjustable output level
  • Adjustable gain
  • -30 dB test point
  • Wide bandwidth 44-862 MHz
  • Embedded web based program
  • Efficient low noise switch mode power supply


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KCC110 Digital Channel Converter/Processor

The KCC110 is the most advanced digital channel converter/processor available. Whether the KCC110 is being used to output the same channel as it’s input channel (processing) or a different output channel to it’s input channel (converting), it is capable of adjacent channel operation on both input and output.


  • Superior adjacent channel performance due to double saw filtering.
  • Very high MER level, up to 36 dB*
  • Input AGC circuitry
  •  High linearity and low phase noise
  • Adjustable output power level control
  • Resolution 125 kHz steps
  • Adjustable bandwidth
  • Stand alone or 19” rack mountable
  •  Programmable via any computer with an Ethernet connection. 
  •  Programmable via USB when using as a ‘stand alone’ module.
  • Remote control capability via KLA110 within a VPN
  • Precision engineered die-cast housing



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