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Australian made
This product has been fully designed & manufactured in Australia. Registered design.


Efficient, drop-in locking pins simplifies extending mast.

  • Kit includes guy ring plates thimbles etc. for mounting the mast
  • Accessory pack (normally $42.50) is included free
  • 15 metre Telescopic 5 x 3m lengths
  • Pole diameter / circumference:
    • Base pole: 58mm / 183mm
    • Top pole: 33mm / 105mm

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A few months ago I  for a customer planning to setup some 15 m masts in a wildife park for conservation purposes. I asked some detailed questions and got some detailed answers , and I think they can apply alsoin other situations so I am sharing them with you.


Below the answers from the Hills area manager, may they be useful for you in case someone else enquires about this tricky product.


Hi Sean,


As per discussion on the phone, below are the customer request. He is looking at purchasingthree FB156  to distribute for a wildlife conservation project




Being the setting quite unusual he was asking:


1.      How hard are the 15 m telemasts to erect/install?


Remembering that we will be installing these in a remote forest setting, amongst trees,without any easy way of working at heights (with the exception of maybe a ladder) these are exceptionally difficult and labour intensive to install and not recommendfor novice installers. As you will need 2 x ladders to reach the top of the base pole which is 3.3m off the ground.Then absolute brute force to lift the poles vertical skyward1 at a time. And for 15m there will be the weight of 4 poles to lift on the last stage. Suggest they read the instruction before they go any further.


2.      How can the whip antenna beattached to the top of the telemast?


At some stage in the future we are likely to also need to attach a small gps data logger (about the size of a mobile phone) to the top of the telemast.  The top pole size for the telomast is 32mm OD and I can’t answer these antennas are I don’t know the products being installed and customer will need tomake these determinations themselves


3.      Can the cable from the antenna be passed through the centre of the mast?


Only if using the adjustable foot mount FB602498 not base plate FB602502 as nowhere for cableto exit. Customer will need to sort out how the pass the cable out the top of the mast to connect to antenna(s)


4.      What other bits and pieces will be needed (e.g. guy ropes, turnbuckles etc.)?


 refer to https://www.hills.com.au/p/FB156A and use the telomast matrix.xls and enterthe products details and it gives out a complete parts list


5.      What sort of a base does the mast need to stand on? Would a small concrete block (1 mx 1 m x 0.2 m) suffice?


 Yes it needs a concrete base to sit on but they will also need anchor points for all the guywires as per instructions attached.


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